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Mixing & Mastering – Final Stages

So, almost a year since the “Dreams In My Pocket” album project began, I am almost done with the recording process.

Writing, arranging, recording the demos in “The Shed” with Ryan and then spending time at Plus 11 Studios with James laying down the tracks and adding all of the component parts has all been amazing fun, and hard work!

During January and February we got the keyboard parts down thanks to my old friend, Vic Martin, sax parts recorded by the awesome Lee Thompson from Madness, and Ria Jaggard came in to add her unique vocal style to some of the tracks, which all sounds amazing. I am very grateful to them all for their generous help and support.

Now, just as we are in to March 2017 and we are finalising the mixes and getting the songs ready to be mastered and off to the CD man to run off the many thousand copies I am sure we will need! Ok, I may start with a hundred or so and see how we get on!

Alongside the recording and mixing process it’s been busy behind the scenes designing and preparing the artwork for the CD and digital downloads, as well as starting to build all of the promotional materials we need. Carol, my other half, has been amazing in helping me cobble all of this together.

I am very lucky to be married to a very talented lady with skill sets in areas that are coming in very handy just now! Her graphic design and visual communication experience and skills have been invaluable in helping me to design the artwork and all of the visual content I need, she is very patient with me too, which helps!

I must also mention my son, Harry and daughter Jo who have helped me with photos and promo videos, nothing like keeping it in the family eh??!

So, some snippets of the tracks have been posted on to social media and the whole pre-release promo campaign has begun. I am excited to be speaking with Mark and Guy from Nub Country records who will be helping with distribution and promotion and Lou Robey from D&L Media will be getting on-board soon to handle the PR side of things.

It’s all go!

Mike x


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